Curriculum Vitae

CV 2019 [ITA PDF]


4.2017 – 12.2018 Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Web Designer
main tasks
  • Graphic Designer (artwork & technical sheets maker;)
  • Web Designer (design & development of the website; copy; content creation)
Company DRESSTAIL srl, Via Gabriele Falloppia 53, 41121 Modena
Business Fashion Stylist


2.2014 – 3.2017 Web Designer, SMM, Graphic Designer
main tasks
  • Web Designer (design & development of the website; copy; content creation)
  • Social Media Manager
  • Instructions books & manuals (products illustrations, technical schematics)
  • Photographer, video editor
  • Projects rendering
Company IDO srl, Via Monti Urali 24, 42122 Reggio Emilia
Business Professional Christmas Lighting


5.2012 – 10.2012 XML coding of educational ebooks
main tasks
  • XML coding of school ebooks for Zanichelli.
  • Content adaptation.
company duDAT, Via Sabotino 30, 40131 Bologna
business School publishing
11.2011 – 7.2012 IFTS master class
main subjects Graphic & Web Design | ADV Marketing | Video editing | Photo editing
title/degree Tecnico Superiore della grafica e della comunicazione multimediale [IFTS]


9.2006 – 7.2011 [High School] I.I.S. Blaise Pascal, Via Makallè 12, Reggio Emilia
main subjects Graphic Design | Art History
title/degree High School Diploma (Art/graphics)
first language Italian
second language English B2 – European language level (CEFR)
  • I am an experienced photographer, growing this passion as a hobby from high school times. I had greatly improved during previous working experiences where I frequently had to deal with low light conditions. Currently shooting on Canon digital reflex and Leica film reflex.
  • I have a passion for hand drawing, comic design and illustration. I keep practising my drawing skills everyday, building up my own style & technique. Didn’t you notice the homepage?
  • I have a good knowledge of 3D environments, as I had the chance to try many different softwares like 3DSmax, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Zbrush, AC3D.. I also have basic knowledge of AutoCAD.